Balanced flavour and perfect texture.

Our pastel de nata is of superior quality, with its light crusty pastry and creamy velvety filling. A burst of orange water and vanilla flavours will linger and whet your appetite for more. Greatly improved by the pastry team, Castro's pastel de nata recipe is faithful to the original, but is notable for the handcrafting of each of its components, the use of premium quality ingredients and the time taken to prepare the filling, which matures for 24 hours before going into the puff pastry cases.

A masterpiece of Portuguese pastry-making. Its popularity has spread far and wide and many are the stories and recipes of what is today an undisputed hallmark of Portuguese conventual confection.

Our manifesto

Castro’s pastéis de nata are just bursting with history.

We have no secrets… well, maybe one. Or two. Or three.

Our pastel de nata is made to the original traditional recipe.

The ingredients are carefully selected to ensure the perfect result.

We respect the pastel de nata.

Because it is a prime example of conventual pastry-making and a symbol of our nation.

Our pastéis de nata are without equal and serve as a reference.

From Porto to the rest of the country and the world!

Modern but with a traditional feel.

The Castro pastel de nata is made right before your eyes.

Our baking process is completely transparent, as you can see for yourself at our atelier.

Enjoy a perfect confection.

We believe that a pastel de nata is so much more than just a pastry.

It is also a compendium of ages-old memories and a truly tasty way of making new ones.

There are no rules about how you should enjoy one of our pastéis de nata.

With cinnamon and sugar or by the spoonful, with coffee, tea, a port or a sour cherry liqueur. The only rule is to take the pleasure of tasting to the limit.

We will always have Castro's Pastéis de Nata!


Pastéis de Nata are what Castro is known for, but there is so much more.

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Take us with you.

Enjoy our pastéis de nata in the comfort of your own home. Available in boxes of two or six pastéis. You can come and visit us, at our atelier, or, if you prefer, place your order through UberEats, Glovo and Bolt Food home delivery platforms. You can also order through our takeaway website.