An atelier that specialises in pastéis de nata

A tribute to centuries of Portuguese tradition. At the Castro Pastéis de Nata Atelier, we focus exclusively on baking one of Portugal’s greatest pastries. A secret recipe to be enjoyed by all. We have put many hours into developing the perfect balance. A one-of-a-kind space, where you can follow the pastry-baking process from start to finish. We have raised the simple act of eating a pastel de nata to new heights. Just ask the Portuguese. Their history is reflected in its exquisite flavours. For visitors from abroad, this recipe offers an insight into the Portuguese personality and a delicious memory to take home and savour.

An atelier that focuses exclusively on baking the very best pastéis de nata.

Not only are Castro pastéis de nata faithful to the tradition of Portuguese conventual sweets; they are true works of art just waiting to be appreciated.

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Our dinnerware was designed in partnership with Vista Alegre. The resulting collection recreates that classical touch that matches our imagining of how things were in the great Portuguese households. The golden border and the thin blue stripe encapsulate the timelessness and elegance that are an integral part of our brand's DNA. Everything in the space plays an important role in creating a sophisticated and harmonious atmosphere, from the period-designed chairs and tables to the paper bags and packaging with gold lettering and the uniforms engraved with our monogram.


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